Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hung Parliament

So convenient. I already heard on BBC News the reported remark from a senior Tory: 'Now we can get rid of all those bits of the Manifesto we didn't like and blame it on the Liberals!'

Somewhere within the centrist chez-Cameron Tories plus the Liberals minus their tree-hugging socks-and-sandals brigade must lie the nirvana of an electable modernised Conservative Party.

Surely this is Mr Cameron's Clause Four moment.


Over this last week I have had a horrid cold. As my throat ached and energy leached from my coughing body, with bleary hate-filled eyes I reviewed everyone who might have infected me. Luckily for them no likely candidate came to mind. I am now in the final stages of nose-running deafness and an immune system which is as battered as the country's deficit.


Is anything happening in Physics? Come on, we all paid the money, what is that Large Hadron Collider doing with all of Geneva's electricity?