Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spiders Out!

The estate agents are due on Tuesday to value our house, so today we've been sweeping away spiders' webs (and their constructors) and cleaning the detritus of a thousand fly-meals. We've always practised biological insect-control.

The garage was next. We flooded it with buckets of water and then Clare brushed the leaf-and-concrete slurry out-front where I shovelled it into bags ready for the municipal dump.

Then we took a walk in Penton Grafton to clear our heads and blow the dust off, and noticed that the harvest is in (pictured).

I have John Banville's new book, "The Infinities", to review from Amazon Vine. I knew this was a literary novel and vaguely appreciated that a major character is a mathematician. Skimming the pages, I was very surprised to see references to renormalisation, explaining the title. More later.