Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Down to Bristol Monday to help my mother choose a replacement washing machine. She showed me the Bristol Evening Post review of "The Time Traveler's Wife" which framed it as a seedy exercise in paedophilia, with the adult Henry 'grooming' the child-Clare.

Yep, there are no facts out there independent of theories.

On my return in the afternoon, I did a 2.5 km run and tried to persuade myself that my right knee was not tying itself into cartilage-knots.

It's a bit early to have heard from the OU about my application for the maths MSc programme starting next February. Meanwhile the final chapters of the OU quantum mechanics course (SM358) apply QM to solids (e.g. crystals) - so much better than hand-waving popularisation even at this entry-level.

Those people following Clare's decision never to buy fish again so as to set an example against over-fishing may be interested to know that I persuaded her to buy a couple of M&S salmon preparations this morning. This on the grounds that (i) they are sustainably farmed and that surely M&S does not condone the kind of lice-ridden, polluting fish farming which we all dread (!?), and (ii) eating only chicken has surely become a wee bit tedious?