Thursday, August 27, 2009


Clare and myself have been talking about it, on and off, for months. Today we decided to do it. Midday saw us in Andover visiting the first of three estate agents to put our house on the market. Appointments have been made for Tuesday when we will get three valuations, and then decide what to do next.

'So where will you go?' you ask. We have in mind a flight from suburbia: a new home with a walled garden; extensive grounds surrounded by unfarmed wilderness where you can walk in any direction. We'll be scouting prospective areas over the next few months.

We think it's a good strategy to sell first and buy later in the current economy. We can stay for a while at our son's flat in Reading, which on a longer term basis can serve as a base for home counties projects as and when they arise.

After an afternoon's labour, the house already looks tidier. More as events unfold.

For the record: Clare applied for her AA100 Arts Course with the OU today - the cheque is in the post, guys.