Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shadow and his care team

A special Easter picture showing the happy feline in the bosom of his care team.

Clare in the community

Not really into posing

Alex and Adrian left shortly after nine this morning en-route to Edale. As I write I anticipate they are somewhere near Mam Tor.

Meanwhile at lunchtime, Clare, my mother & myself visited the Hatchet Inn, Lower Chute.

The meal was promptly delivered, hot and of excellent quality, marred only by the payment process. The landlord offered his machine for my card, which showed £30.00 to pay. No breakdown was offered, and it seemed churlish to demand one (especially as I missed the one psychological moment when it might have been possible).

Was this a fair price for three pub lunches and three drinks? Or was I somewhat overcharged? I struggled to get up to that amount, and the landlord's body language was not encouraging.

This is not the only pub which omits the itemised bill, and I strongly deprecate it: even the suspicion of duplicity mars the experience.