Saturday, April 18, 2009


What I would write if I had a Twitter account.

Thursday evening around 11 p.m. during Newsnight.

We heard the catflap bang open, followed by a dreadful squeaking. Yes, Shadow had caught his first baby rabbit of the season. With great effort the poor damaged thing was detached from feline jaws and deposited in the undergrowth 200 metres away, the predator being meanwhile held in restraint.

Friday afternoon.

I completed a possible short story for submission to Interzone. The tale has a subtle twist in the tail which proved so subtle that neither Clare nor Alex could make head nor tail of it. I am consequently persuaded of the need for a trifling adjustment.

Saturday afternoon.

Captivated by the warmer weather and a hint of sun, Alex, Clare and myself ventured out to the New Forest, near Ringwood. We proceeded to get hopelessly lost, completely failing to find our target car park to commence The Walk.

Instead we found a pub and had lunch. After restoring our bearings we completed a reasonable circular tour (c. 3 miles) and repaired to the house to find that Adrian had returned in our absence. So now we are four.