Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hinton Ampner House

When we went to Avebury a few days back we joined the National Trust. This was mostly to get our £3 car parking fee back, but we also thought we might be taking trips to some of their other assets. And so it has proved.

Today Clare and myself drove down to Hinton Ampner House, dodging threatening cumulus clouds and braced against a chilling wind. Access to the House and Gardens we found to be free at the point of use, as intended.

I was not especially motivated to take any pictures - the house/garden view below is from the Internet. However, as we walked the surrounding fields, Clare encouraged me incessantly to snap this and that engaging group of sheep. I have therefore selected the two best sheep-shots of my over-ample collection, realising that this is really only a specialist interest.

One, I hasten to add, that I fail to share. Enjoy, sheep-lovers out there (you know who you are!).

Hinton Ampner House

Sheep families - note absent fathers

Clare thought this one was cute ...