Monday, December 26, 2016

The "No Presents" Christmas: year 2

Another year, another Christmas with the "no presents" policy.

As usual, Clare had been insistent. In reality, the presents just got bought somewhat earlier. We all saved on deferred gratification.

One such gift has had us settling down each evening as a nuclear family to watch the box set of "Game of Thrones" - starting at season one, episode one.

Tonight was episode two: the one where Sansa cries while Arya murderously adds Joffrey to her kill list (she will soon have better reasons).


So was our Christmas day merely a joyless, barren wasteland of time lost?

You decide.


This rather balanced article caught my eye.
"Gym Showdown: Free Weights Vs. Machines

"If you want to get stronger, some kind of resistance training is the way to go. So when you walk into the gym, should you start loading plates onto a barbell or should you just walk up to the first easy-to-use machine you spot? Let's compare both approaches.

Continues .."
A triad of Christmas Cake, Mince Pies and Berry Gateau has me persuaded: weights tomorrow.

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