Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Stourhead in early winter 2016

Clare likes to check out Stourhead in early December, sifting ideas for Christmas decorations. After the House inspect, lunch in the Spread Eagle (pub on the estate) and then a walk around the lake.

I did a small video where, cued by Clare's earlier talk of coots, I spectacularly misidentified a bunch of ducks. I believe we might be having roast coot for Christmas lunch.*

Here are some pictures. Note especially the waterfall and water-wheel you can't really see in the video.

Low Winter Sun

The Waterfall and Water-Wheel

Across the lake

This was actually the best shot of the two of us ..

Just burnishing that hipster look ...

After we had eaten, I had a scare that I'd lost my mobile phone. Thank God for long pin sequences and remote wipe! It had slipped out of my coat pocket and lodged between cushions. I was out of communication for, I don't know, at least ten minutes!

Saved from upgrading to the Pixel XL!


* My sister: "They are eider duck or coots. Who knows???"

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