Friday, December 16, 2016

DVD challenge, LispWorks, Bark Chippings and Weeds

Our DVDs

DVDs on the left belong to one of us; those on the right to the other. Your (not very difficult) challenge is to decide which are Clare's and which are mine, and where the boundary is.

Click on image to make larger if you can summon up the energy.*


Downloaded LispWorks Personal Edition this morning. I've been put off in the past by the unfriendly tone of the Ts&Cs:
"Please note that the LispWorks Personal Edition, distributed free of charge, has the following intentional limitations:

  • There is a heap size limit which, if exceeded, causes the image to exit. A warning is provided when the limit is approached.

  • There is a time limit of 5 hours for each session, after which LispWorks Personal exits, possibly without saving your work or performing cleanups such as removing temporary files. You are warned after 4 hours of use.

  • The functions save-image, deliver, and load-all-patches are not available.

  • Initialization files are not loaded.

  • Layered products that are part of LispWorks Professional and Enterprise Editions (CLIM, KnowledgeWorks, Common SQL and LispWorks ORB) are not included."
But it's well-supported and they have to make money. As with all language/development systems there's that steep initial learning curve. This afternoon it's PDF manual time - if I can summon up the energy.


In other news, I'm expecting two tons of bark chippings for the front garden to be delivered this afternoon. To be spread on the anti-weed mats Clare already laid out.

I'm also expecting Clare herself at some point, bearing the Christmas wreath she's meant to have learned how to make at the Bishop's Palace lunchtime class (just finished at time of writing), plus the prizes she won at the Labour Party Christmas raffle last Saturday in Wells Town Hall which need picking up on the Glastonbury Road: a bit of a stroll from the Palace.

"If they're too heavy, give me a ring," I said. "I'll pick you up in the car."

That would be the car which I won't be able to get out of the drive on account of two enormous bags of bark chippings blocking the bottom.

Later: my fears prove groundless as the first bag is placed carefully on the mat

* Yep, I'm just the SF (and GoT). All the rest are hers.

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