Friday, May 08, 2015

UK Election May 2015

We were watching on TV since 2 am, fortified by tea, coffee, wine and sausage rolls. The well-funded BBC coverage was best: a top team of presenters/analysts; fancy tools and graphics. Sky News was a diverting alternative - fast, well-formatted results and authoritative chat.

We flipped between the two.

Here were my favourite (Portillo-esque) moments.
  1. George Galloway loses his seat.
  2. Ed Balls loses his seat.
  3. Vince Cable loses his seat.
  4. Simon Hughes loses his seat.

  5. .. though the politicians above irritate in different ways ..

  6. Nick Clegg holding his seat - he didn't deserve to perish.
We may now anticipate weeks of entertainment, post-Miliband, as the Labour Party explores what it is and what it's for going forwards. As a side-order, post-Farage, watch as UKIP disintegrates along its myriad ideological fault lines. And as for the Liberal Democrats (post-Clegg), remind me again what they're for?