Sunday, May 03, 2015

Le retour du blaireau

Not the return of Tony Blair - far from it! The return of the badger.

Wherefore this affectation that everything be henceforth in French? ...  Le Tour de Yorkshire?

I know that when Ed Miliband becomes Premier Ministre next week he will seek to emulate his hero, François Hollande - but I hadn't realised that this would mean adopting French as our new national language ... notre nouvelle langue nationale, I should say .

The old cat food (la vieille nourriture pour chat)  has proved really popular with the minibeast!

And now you may relax, I don't intend to inflict further badger videos on you unless the creature turns real creative and learns some new tricks .. such as juggling. And in a nod to my sister, I won't be adding any 'whispering Dave' tracks to these silent movies as .. well .. I can't be bothered.

Et enfin, mes petits amis, pas plus français.

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