Saturday, May 02, 2015

Classic pix: Yosemite and San Francisco, Sept 2002

More pictures from before this blog got started. Back in 2002 we were in the final period of my Cable & Wireless assignment in North America. The Internet sector was in a state of collapse - the bubble had burst - and companies were going bust all over. In six months time, we'd be back in the UK. Meanwhile we continued to take time out to sight-see  ...

The giant redwood makes tree-hugging difficult!
I have been trying to persuade Clare to vote in the upcoming election (May 7th, 2015) but she is convinced, along with notorious self-publicist Russell Brand, that politicians as a group are corrupt and should not be supported. If she did deign to cast her ballot, the picture above gives you a hint as to whom she might favour.

The author fronting a view of Yosemite valley
Yosemite is quite high - where we were was around 5,000 feet - and I was surprised to experience mild effects of altitude sickness: headaches and a nosebleed. Nothing that aspirin couldn't fix, but still. Clare, by contrast, had no problems at all.
Clare viewing Half Dome from Glacier Point - what a view!
You don't get scenery like this in the UK, for sure.

Solitary confinement in Alcatraz
Today Alcatraz is a museum. You take a boat from San Francisco harbour and chug out to the island. Then they leave you to the tender mercies of the tour guides. This was the first time we had visited a prison and Clare is plainly spooked.

A fright at San Francisco natural history museum
Genetic engineering in California is advanced, but not that advanced. These scary monsters are either static or animatronic. Seems to have spooked Clare, though. San Francisco was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster!

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