Friday, August 22, 2014

The story on DNA sequencing

One company has transformed the economics of gene-sequencing. Here's the story of Illumina and a taste of where things go next. (h/t Razib Khan's site).

How important is this? Here's a clip from the article.
"... But then Follweiler, a retired financial services professional, found she had another tumor in her bowel. Her doctors opened her up, found it was too big to remove and sent her home. “I was basically throwing in the towel,” she said.

"But one of her physicians sent a tumor sample to Foundation Medicine, a startup backed by Bill Gates and Google Ventures that used Illumina’s sequencers to locate mutations in 236 genes that could help direct drug treatment. As a result of the test she was given Pfizer’s Xalkori, which has made the bowel tumor undetectable and has kept it that way for more than a year. “I feel no different than I felt two and a half years ago,” she says."
23andMe use the Illumina chip; my mother's saliva sample should be arriving at its North Carolina offices later this afternoon.