Friday, June 20, 2014

Gay; Asperger's syndrome; football

Here's a thesis. Being gay and being an "Aspie"  are both under the control of a large number of alleles of small effect.

In the 'gay'  case, less means a sympathetic, empathic personality; in the Aspie case,  less means a focused, dispassionate and logical intellect.

In both cases the full deck decreases reproductive success while a partial hand can enhance it.

Perhaps Asperger's syndrome is the gentile equivalent of Tay-Sachs disease and similar neurological collateral damage found in Ashkenazi Jews under selection for systemic, analytical intelligence in the mediaeval middle classes.

World Cup: England loses to Uruguay. The English looked hard-working, stolid and flat-footed ; the South Americans  (of Mediterranean lineage)  were dynamic and explosive. What do you think, agrarian farmers  vs  pastoralists?

Once you get your eye in, genes are everywhere!