Saturday, June 28, 2014


Oh to be in a tent as the thunderstorms roll by; we are deafened and deluged.

The weird weather seems to have short - circuited The Executioner - no more incandescent cracks, just a mild tingle which leaves the mozzies befuddled.

We did an epic drive today from south of Florence to Cluny along the Mediterranean toll motorway network. A lot of it is tunnels: kilometre length boreholes through the Alps culminating in the 13 km Mont Blanc tunnel, a kind of Freudian birthing experience.

More bad weather is predicted so it'll be a damp night tonight. Tomorrow we move on to a campsite near Le Mans where we hope the amenities are better and dryer.

The picture is from our restaurant this evening at Cluny Abbey. Cluny is a delightful mediaeval French town,  more so when not inundated with hailstones.