Friday, June 27, 2014


Staying at the cottage today. Tomorrow we leave early, dropping the young gentlemen at Pisa airport (one hour from here ) and then onto our target campsite at Cluny (six or seven hundred kilometres and God knows how many driving hours).

Italian heat is very different to the English variety. It has a suffusive quality, swaddling your body in its total embrace. I guess the grass, trees, walls .. the whole environment is really, really warm.

Alex has now finished two books on the Kindle. Given his habit of sneering at the ebook reader and his track record of abandoning fiction after just a few pages with some dismissive comment, this has to be a record.

The two books were:  "All you need is kill"  about a young soldier in a powered suit who keeps dying in combat against aliens and being reincarnated; and "Steel World" which features a young soldier who fights aliens in a power suit,  dies on a regular basis but is reincarnated again and again.

Don't know about you but a pattern seems to be emerging.

Picture shows Clare being decadent in the garden this morning.