Saturday, December 08, 2012

Intermittent fasting: month 4

Another month ... and another six pounds lighter.

Date Stone Lb Pounds Kg D(Lb)
07/08/2012  13 8  190  86.4  Start
08/09/2012  12 13  181  82.3   9
06/10/2012  12 7  175  79.5   6
08/11/2012  11 12  166  75.5   9
08/12/2012  11 6  160  72.7   6

This is now month four of intermittent fasting - a scheme whereby three days a week I restrict my calories to around 500 (the normal male requirement is around 2,500 per day). The point of this, as explained in previous months, is to persuade the body to move from 'go-go' mode into cellular-repair mode, with consequent health benefits. Also, of course, because I have been historically overweight.

My belt is a few notches in, my jeans are rather hanging off me and my abdomen has contracted. Losing c. 6 pounds per month is not a process which can be carried through indefinitely - I would guess I have about another six or seven pounds to go. While we were in Paris a few days ago I was checking the torsos of the classical sculptures at the Louvre to see just what the perfect stomach is meant to look like :-).

Should be there by my birthday in January, providing Christmas doesn't blow the whole process apart!