Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Calculus of Variations

I had to drop out of my maths MSc course with the Open University back in 2010 - yet another busy-busy client contract. I do have all the material, though and will do the course on my own account starting next week. No doubt you'll be hearing more here soon.

I had the material out this afternoon for review so Alex and Clare were at least subliminally aware of my plans. Towards the end of the afternoon they both decided to go for a walk on our local part of the Mendips, to take the air.

Top of the hill, they were discussing my folly when they were overtaken by a hobbity sort of guy - big beard, bush hat, short and dumpy, hairy feet .. well, you know. He hears the word OU and strikes up a conversation. Alex mentions I'm doing M820 and he immediately recognises the Calculus of Variations. Turns out the hobbity guy has almost finished his OU maths MSc, finishing this year with the formidable Functional Analysis module.

Only in Wells, huh?

Pictured below, the author with SF books from Adrian (thanks!) and backed by a van Gogh church, a present to Alex from the Musee d'Orsay (via us).