Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pictures of my father, Fred Seel

My cousin Rosalie wrote to me today enclosing some pictures of my father, Fred Seel, who died in January 2009. Rosalie was sorting through the effects of her mother, Joyce, who died in August of this year and her father, Len Seel, (my father's elder brother) who died some while ago. Len was a talented artist, though war and lack of money prevented him from going to art college.

Here are the pictures - click on any of them to see them at full size..

Fred Seel (background) with his fiancee and his parents c. 1945

"To Len from Fred" - 6th Nov 1943 at York

Fred Seel in his Army and Civil Defence uniform, c. 1943
Fred Seel with children, parents etc
The top-centre picture here doesn't appear to be of my father at all: perhaps it's his father. Anyway, I'll seek clarification.

Update: the pictures on the top row were all taken at Dale Street, Bristol where my paternal grandparents lived and where my father was brought up. Top left is my father, Fred Seel with his niece, Rosalie; top centre my paternal grandfather and a tiny me; top right my father and my teensy self.