Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been trying for ages to get the term "exopsychology" into popular circulation - in analogy to the existing term "exobiology". Naturally it's hard to develop a discipline (the psychology of aliens) when there is no subject matter.

Here's my latest attempt at

As I write I hear the thump of the air-compressor of the company engaged to lay a new pipe from the main water supply in the road, up through our garden into the house. The old pipe is completely corroded.

The two workmen are digging a well in the flower bed, trying to retrieve their 'mole' which has got stuck in the subterranean rocks again. The mole is a long, metal, cyclindrical device with a piston for a head which makes the tunnel along which the new pipe will follow. I wish!

The weather is overcast and squally, and quite cool ... enough at any rate to force the heating on. Clare was down at Taunton this morning for radiotherapy and received information in the post about her brachytherapy next month at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

I have to do my tax return this week. Might as well get all the gloom in place concurrently.