Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Bring me Back!

With DNA sequencing getting cheaper and cheaper, and virtual reality environments getting more and more lifelike there's a dangerous confluence round the corner ... which I explore here at

Alex is back to work in London and Adrian is working as instructor at a summer camp in Suffolk so we have the place to ourselves. While Clare was at her daily radiotherapy at Taunton this morning I wrote a review of China Mieville's recent novel Embassytown which should appear at later this week. It's another big-idea novel, but a little colder and more emotionally-remote than usual, which I note has put some readers off.

I see results trickling in about possible Higgs boson detection at the LHC. My next mini-project is to write a small piece which tries to answer the question: 'Right, we found the Higgs - so what?'