Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bowley's Garage

Very pleasant people at Bowley's Garage. The receptionist, Donna, has a Toyota Auris just like us.

We renewed our acquaintanceship with the Bowley team today as the rear lights cover had to be replaced on our Auris. A little problem Clare had in parking at the hospital in Taunton - the bays are quite narrow and we don't have a bumper at the right height to intersect the metal strip running along the back of the bays. I'm not let off, however, having scratched the car yesterday on my mother's gate when trying to get the car onto her drive. My error has cost us some touch-up painting (which we do ourselves, but not well); Bowley's are the better-off by £149: some sort of Toyota monopoly on the formed plastic light covers.

Did I mention that both Clare and myself have contracted colds? She has a sore throat while I'm more 'heady', whatever that means. Seems a strange correlation between visiting the hospital and acquiring these minor, but irritating infections.

Still, on the bright side at least the plumbing seems behind us, and it was even sunny this morning before it all clouded over again.