Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some family album snaps

Scanned in by Alex when we were at my mother's house in Bristol yesterday. Most of them will look larger if you click on the picture of interest.

Adrian and Alex as young teens

As far as I was aware, Alex was not actually on anything at the time.

All the Seel grandchildren

Alex in the foreground playing chess with Adrian.

Clare and Elaine (1980s)

Elaine and my mother (mid-1960s)

This is one of my favourite picture of Elaine - she won't agree, will you sis?

Elaine and Adrian at home in Bristol

Elaine in her superhero guise as "Geek Girl"

This has to be another of my favourite pictures of my sister. Watch out Sarah Palin!

Fred and Beryl Seel (mid-sixties)

This must have been the swinging sixties - at least for her!

Fred Seel and Beryl Porter get married

Note the demob suits back in 1949.

George Cook and Maisie Seel get married

Maisie is my father's sister - my aunt.

Nigel, Elaine and Adrian ... with a mirror

Those were the days of our youth!

Nigel Seel in 1969 (aged 18)

Not quite the Noel Gallagher of his generation but definitely looking for a rock band in which to play lead guitar.

Aunt Shirley, Grannie Porter, Beryl Seel and a young Elaine