Wednesday, July 14, 2010

House chores about finished

As I write the man from Hillarys Blinds is putting them in. So no more scuttling about from room to room bent double like Special Forces as we get up from our night's sleep and head off underclad to the bathroom!

The lead water sampling report came back this afternoon from Bristol Water. Current legislation states that the supply of lead in any water supply must be lower than 25 micrograms per litre (= 25 parts per billion). The highest of our three samples was 3.2 so I guess that's us safe from IQ despoiling.

Bristol Water included a flyer advertising solar panels (photovoltaic) for our roof with the inducement of generous sell-back rates to the National Grid. I'm semi-tracking the cost-curve of solar cells. I'm sure that one day as the volumes mount, the unit-costs fall and Clare's tolerance for more workmen round the house rises we shall arrive at a happy intersection and our house OPEX will decline further.

Let's hear it for more insolation - which is different to insulation which we already installed.