Sunday, July 04, 2010

"Silhouette" by Simon Brett

Saturday night in Wells. We were at the Little Theatre for the closing night of "Silhouette" by Simon Brett.

In the first half we see the police investigation in the home of an ageing actor who has been shot. Suspicion falls upon his estranged actress wife and then the hapless reporter who had been attending to interview her. In the second half we review events up to the murder and find out who really 'dun it'. What a surprise!

The acting performances were knockabout and fun - it's a comedy - and we were well entertained. This was our first time in the theatre and it's a comfortable and informal place, quite long and narrow with excellent views of the stage: we were almost at the back.

At around 10.20 pm we walked home via Wells city centre in the gathering twilight. It was unearthily quiet. We passed a pub replete with sounds of chat and music : there were three burly doorman milling around at the entrance in black tee-shirts and trousers wearing walkie-talkies like sidearms, but there didn't seem much for them to do.

We passed the town beggar sitting conveniently close to the cash machine and ignored him (contributing to a lack of revenue in the local begging trade).

Finally we passed a few young things migrating from pub to disco to karaoke and made our way home where we drank tea and watched the vampish, kohled Keira Knightly making things up with Mr Darcy.