Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Holidays in France

Here is the PDF of our recent holiday in France (2009). It's the one where we drove down to the Pyrenees, camped and froze then retreated to the warmth of the Dordogne where we did the chateaux and had a wonderful time. Home by way of Loches.

In 2007 we also drove down the west coast of France, basing ourselves in a camp-site in the Dordogne. Here's the diary of what was an eventful holiday.

I used to have these PDFs on my website but since letting that go I've been at a loss as to how to post documents. Luckily with the move to Google's gmail, a document-storage facility came as well. Thanks Google.

When my sister, who's currently driving from Spain to France with her husband read these accounts she accused me of being 'Mr Grumpy'. My only defence is that it's so much more amusing to read about the things which go wrong.