Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interweave Consulting (1999 - 2014)

Interweave Consulting is the company through which I do consulting work. The company was established by Clare Youell and myself, Nigel Seel in 1999 as a systems and product strategy company supporting Service Provider modernisation. The company was closed in 2014.

Client Work

In 2010 I have worked with Cable and Wireless Worldwide and other clients on UK Government security accreditation at IL2/IL3.

In 2009 I did some work with Peel Media for their "Media City" project in Salford, Manchester. This was to design and cost a metropolitan area network (MAN) for the cluster of media companies expected around the new BBC facility there. This would be a super-high-capacity multimedia network.

During most of 2008 I worked in Dubai with Dubai World Central (DWC). DWC were building the world's largest airport, surrounded by residential, high-tech, exhibition and logistical cities as a new hub next to the Jebel Ali seaport. This complex, which was planned to house more than a million people in 2017, required a state of the art IP/MPLS network. I was working with a systems integration company and the client on the definition of network requirements, traffic, architecture, and design.

In January 2008 I had a brief one month contract, again through a subcontracting company, with the BT outsource project at Credit Suisse in Canary Wharf. My job was to set up a project organisation for the global voice and data equipment refresh programme.

During 2006 and 2007 I was working with BT Retail in their programme to roll-out metropolitan WiFi (the Wireless Cities project) in cities across the UK. This centred around negotiations with Councils as regards access to street furniture and possible applications they might care to take a lead in trialling. The core of the assignment was city project management of the diverse BT work-streams at city-level.

In early 2006 I worked with Mentor colleagues on a project with BSkyB developing the IPTV side of their business.

In 2005 I worked with VT Communications looking in detail at the commercial side of their global radio business and the business case for expansion and new Internet services (with Mentor).

Andrew Wheen from Mentor and myself presented a one-day workshop at IBC's conference on Fixed-Mobile Convergence in Barcelona at the end of June 2005, with a focus on IMS and IPTV. I also presented a paper.

Earlier that year, I worked with Inclarity, a leading wholesale VoIP Services Provider, to examine in detail their future SIP strategy.

In late 2004 I worked extensively with the Samsung team bidding into BT's 21st Century Network programme with focus on the MSAN (multi-service access node).

Earlier in 2004, I joined a project with a mobile virtual network operator. Among other things, this involves sorting out the tunnelling architecture for IP datagrams between the mobile partner's GGSN, the ISP partner's Internet backbone and the enterprise customer's network.

All of the above work was done via Mentor (which subsequently went into administration in March 2006). Prior to joining Mentor in April 2004 as an employee, I traded as Interweave Consulting and did work with BT on their SME Internet eBusiness platform (with Invocom) and with MCI on a review of their European business.

Before re-establishing Interweave Consulting, I spent two years with Cable & Wireless Global as VP Architecture and VP Product Development, with most of that time (the Internet boom) in North America. I joined C&W in 2001 after two years consultancy via Interweave Consulting. Interweave was set up in 1999 after I left Nortel where I was a Director specialising in carrier architecture and design. For more background, see my CV.