Saturday, May 22, 2010

The cat advises the builders

It's already scorching as I write this - probably the hottest weekend in the UK since, I don't know, the big-bang or something.

Our driveway resembles not so much the early universe during the period of exponential inflation as the moon during the period of intense asteroid bombardment. So recalcitrant is the concrete of the driveway that the tread came off the digger. Luckily our cat, Shadow, was on hand to lend some advice to the builders. Observe how he patiently waits for them to return with the correct tools.

Here's a bonus recently unearthed from the archive (below). Alex and Adrian in Florence in the nineteen eighties. I was working at STL on an IT project with Olivetti - some ESPRIT thing or other - and we had decided to drive down to Italy and make a holiday of it. I was working and Clare took the kids to see the culture.

Sadly in all my zooming about I have never yet got around to visiting Florence myself.