Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The hedgehog house has now been installed

Alex demonstrates the hedgehog house: entrance at the bottom

The animal enters its covert home from the lower right "Way in" 

Clare seems curiously puzzled about the intended occupant. 

Sorry about the abrupt end of the clip - my Honor 6X phone has been behaving rather oddly (screen flickering rapidly off/on every ten seconds or so) since the recent upgrade to EMUI 5.0.1. Seems I turned the video camera off by mistake during such an episode. That will teach me to buy budget: Huawei's famous "80% of the functionality at 60% of the price".

I should mention that during our eight years in this house, we have never yet seen a hedgehog. There have been plenty of their special friends, the badgers, though.


What was I doing during all this frantic gardening? Continuing with David Reich's fascinating but tough-going book. I'm finishing the chapter on the First Americans (mysteries swirling around population Y .. and demoralising identity politics with the native american tribal organisations who refuse to allow their DNA to be sequenced). Next up, the East Asians and first Australians.

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