Friday, April 20, 2018

Diary: our National Trust tour of the southeast

The sudden intrusion of the English summer into April emboldened us to roam nomadically through the English southeast sampling from the National Trust.

I have two observations:
Off the main routes, councils have simply abandoned dealing with potholes (our next car will have to be a third-world capable 4x4).

You thought the National Trust was just for the svelte middle-class? Every other person I saw was waddling rather than walking.


Petworth House and Park

Scotney House (video below for more atmosphere)

Scotney Castle, an ancient fortified house trashed into a 19th century folly

Clare at the Cherry Tree Inn, Ticehurst
- the food was standard pub fare

A literary column at the far superior Bell, Ticehurst

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, West Sussex

Bognor Regis at the turn of the tide, 2.15 pm

We finished up staying at the excellent Three Lions in the New Forest


Scotney House and Gardens on the hottest April day for 70 years

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