Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Joni refutes nihilism

I am utterly entranced by Hejira (the album). It includes a refutation of that philosophy:
"We're only particles of change I know, I know
Orbiting around the sun
But how can I have that point of view
When I'm always bound and tied to someone
Joni's lyric (from the title track) follows in the illustrious footsteps of Samuel Johnston.

Coyote, Amelia, Song for Sharon and the final track, Refuge of the Roads are also standouts. The wonderful bass guitar of Jaco Pastorius infuses the whole album.

Here's the story of Hegira, according to Wikipedia.
""Hejira" is about Mitchell's reasons for leaving John Guerin, and Mitchell described it as probably the toughest tune on the album to write. It features the bass work of Pastorius, who was inspired by Mitchell's use of multi-tracking with her guitar to mix four separate tracks of his carefully arranged bass parts, having them all play together at certain points of the tune."
Listen to the bass.

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