Thursday, December 21, 2017

Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm

Frome features in the quality press as a new hipster colony in the South-West. It may be true that Joni once visited while recording for one of her later, forgettable albums, but driving in all you see are ageing terraces, cluttered roads, bins and Iceland.

Like an old-time gunfighter, Clare deploys two lists
We're here to visit the M&S Food Hall, where Clare believes she can pick up Christmas gewgaws available nowhere else. We arrive at half past ten and it's already busy. An hour later vehicles circle in the car park like vultures - one swoops hastily for our space as we back out.

M&S puzzles me as a business. Their range of products here is small and chiefly notable for the novelty items which attracted us. It looks to me overpriced. And while the aisles are packed in front of meat, chocolates and wine, their clothing section is deserted.

I estimate the differential revenue per square metre and marvel at the opportunity cost.

Can you short M&S?

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