Sunday, October 22, 2017

What flag on your coffin?

At Princess Diana's funeral, her coffin was draped with the Royal Standard Flag.

Thus her life and memory were appropriated to the historical traditions of the British elite, their heartfelt commitment to ideological continuity from early feudalism to world-straddling empire.

Would Diana have identified with that manifest destiny?

I asked Clare what flag she would like her coffin bedecked by. She pooh-poohed the idea; she wants flowers - lots of them. And in a sense that's right, the coffin-flag has to express your final and most profound identity, the culture which in the end you claim. But I think Clare's sense of identity is, at its very foundation, cultural Catholicism.

Catholics don't have a flag as such, but the nearest is the flag of the Vatican City.

It's not nearly as aesthetic as one might like.

And me? I'm not tribal, I value my inner skepticism above all revealed wisdom. My flag should represent the epitome of scathing criticism concerning all deceptive agenda-ideologies.

Yes, I would like the flag of the Comintern draped across my coffin (or painted upon it). From those early days (1919-22) when all was youthful idealism, before the harsh realities of European defeat and 'primitive socialist accumulation' derailed the dream and brought forth the lies.

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