Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fungus Foray - (postponed)

From Somerset Wildlife Trust:
"Join Michael Jordan, the well known mycologist and founder of the Association of British Fungal Groups on a fungi and mushroom foray in Stockhill Forest, and learn about the 13,000 different species that occur in the UK."

* Please note there is no available seating in the forest. Will be standing for most of the day.

Where: meet in Stockhill Forest CarPark (ST549513).

We turned up to find a lone official explaining that, due to 'Storm Brian', the event had been postponed for a couple of weeks. We agreed with him that the BBC always exaggerates - we were experiencing no more than a normal autumnal, blustery morning.

We decided to walk anyway and this is what we saw (click on images to make larger).


And how windy was it? This windy.

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