Monday, November 28, 2016

A good night's sleep

Clare complained this morning that she had not slept well last night,
"Lying on my side my hips ached, then it was my shoulder. Just couldn't find a comfortable position."
On our way to the shops this morning, I ran some suggestions by her.
"We could replace that expensive new mattress we bought recently with a neutral buoyancy flotation tank?"

"You know, breathing isn't optional with me."

My second thought was more inspired.
"You know those vertical wind tunnels? They shoot air up a tube at high speed and it supports people. They learn how to sky-dive. It would be the ultimate air bed!"

I thought I ought to mention a few minor difficulties.
"The air speed is 120 mph. And I believe the four 500 hp engines are quite noisy, expensive to run and would probably occupy too much space."
Clare thought these objections reasonable.


I finally recalled the best solution to a comfortable night's sleep - the levitating frog.

"Remember that YouTube video of the levitating frog? It's held up by a strong magnetic field. If we get some superconducting magnets we could simulate zero-g above the bed. You'd float all night!"
Clare got quite excited by this, until I remembered that it took a 10 Tesla field to levitate the frog. Clare is perhaps three hundred times heavier while the strongest sustained magnetic field ever created is around 40 Tesla.
"There is a small downside. Every metallic object in the house, including the fridge, would be accelerated to insane speeds and would smash its way into the bedroom. The house would be shredded within milliseconds of pressing the on-switch."

We decided to compromise on Anadin Extra.

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