Friday, July 15, 2016

To BT Infinity and beyond

The new BT router arrived today, the one with the VDSL interface, all set for BT Infinity fibre-optic VDSL to be turned on shortly. The device also works with the current ADSL and it's gotten easier these days to switch out an old router and replace with a new one, although there are more devices around the house than you might think which need to know the new SSID and be re-logged in.

Alex will inherit the now-redundant Netgear router.

I see we also have 5 GHz WiFi on the new router with an elevated data rate. Works with the android phone, tablet and the iPad; the PC I'm currently writing on, upstairs, has to subsist on the old disappointing 2.4 GHz and a vastly slower data link.

The fibre-connection turns on Monday.


Putting together a personal yoga routine focused on strengthening the lower back muscles, a complement to gym exercises.

  1. Mountain
  2. Fold
  3. Mighty
  4. Dancer
  5. Cat
  6. Dog
  7. Locust
  8. Leg tilt
  9. Boat
  10. Plank

We shall see.


Clare made a blackcurrant cake yesterday (together with some soda bread). The blackcurrants were from the tree bush in our garden and mysteriously sank to the bottom of the cake during the cooking.

In the baking the cake remained rather damp, which explains why Clare kept scampering back to the kitchen to 'give it another ten minutes'.

It was finally delivered to the table upside-down, so that the blackcurrants were on top; the rest looked, and tasted, like a sponge.

Delicious with ice cream. Yes, really.