Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton: INTJ. Bill Clinton: ENFP

From "Hillary Clinton: Misunderstood INTJ".

Good article. American political culture doesn't like introverts and is distrustful of ideas. That's the I and the N then.

Analytical thinking rather than emotional feeling doesn't go down too well in a political persona, especially in a woman. So that would be the T.

Three strikes and INTJ Hillary has problems.

Oh, and that J can make you look rather rigid and bossy.


Bill Clinton's ENFP is almost the perfect politician type - we could debate whether the N should be an S to really get down with the Main Street folk, but a strong strain of idealism stands you in good stead in the Democratic Party.


There isn't the slightest doubt that Donald Trump is an archetypal ESTP.

The best theory we have of mental conditions is that they are the extreme ends of certain personality types. Thus INTJs veer off towards autism (AS) while ESTPs incline to ASPD and psychopathy.

Which flavour of politics will American voters prefer? Autistic or antisocial?


In the UK we seem to like, or in any event tolerate, introverts. Thus Theresa May (ISTJ) squares up against Jeremy Corbyn (INTP).

ISTJs are conventional, traditional and do sweat the small stuff; INTPs (full disclosure: I am one) come across as dreamy, idealistic, head-in-the-clouds .. and ineffectual.

Who says Myers-Briggs isn't telling you something useful?