Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Funding the Police

My Speed Awareness course has now been booked for the afternoon of Thursday, February 4th 2016. So that's £80 for a four hour course, paid upfront. We've been warned that if anyone is abusive or non-cooperative, they will be thrown out and will incur the full force of the Force's displeasure: naturally I have no thought but to be fully-engaged and completely docile.


Books I'm about to read.

Is Nick Bostrom really the smartest man in Britain?

Good reviews from people who know about this stuff

Hard to tear myself away from Patrick Lee's Travis Chase trilogy though. Who knew books could be this exciting, this page-turning?

Alex and Adrian departed to resume their quotidian lives on Sunday. On Monday all the Christmas decorations were packed away, candle wax removed from the carpet and the house comprehensively vacuumed. It's now sparse, uncluttered and clean while the mountains of laundry have been reduced to mere foothills.

As 2016 gets underway, I have residual probate duties as executor of my mother's Will. The Probate Registry cashed my cheque this morning so I know they're now on the case. Beyond that, no major issues currently loom in the middle distance. I rather like a lack of drama in the personal - the better to engage with the extra-ordinary in the world.

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