Monday, January 04, 2016


In the great traditions of Clare's Galleria we bring you .. art!

The Male Patriarchy. punching down onto the Oppressed

The Wax Horse


Sometimes we get visitors here from the United States. No-one could be more opposed to stereotype threat than myself, but it has to be said that Americans sometimes don't 'get' British humour. So let me clarify.

  • The top picture, sketched by myself on my Nexus 10, is utterly without merit.

  • A child could do better.

  • The Wax Horse demonstrates my wife's extraordinary skill in 'remote art'. In a typical moment of casual inattention, the pink candle on the hearth went into malfunction spilling hot wax across the tiles (and indeed, onto the carpet where it currently remains). The shape, solidified, seems indeed to resemble an equine quadruped.

To be fair, Clare has more success when she is actually in the control loop .. .


Did any of that change your view on the quality of the art portrayed above?

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