Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Who died on Law Hill?

Dundee University, in collaboration with the OU, is launching a free online course (6 weeks; 4 hours per week) on 'forensic anthropology': Identifying the Dead.

"In the shadow of Dundee’s Law Hill, a grim discovery demands the attention of forensic experts. Unidentified human remains have been found and the police need to identify the victim to move forward with their investigation.
  • After a meticulous recovery of the remains, it will be your job to:
  • document and attempt to explain any evidence of trauma;
  • identify the victim through biological profiling;
  • and undertake a facial reconstruction.
"Experts from the University of Dundee’s award-winning Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHId) will guide you through the process of human identification. They will introduce you to the fields of human identification; forensic anthropology and archaeology; craniofacial identification; and the study of the human body.

"Week-by-week, the case will unfold, providing you with more information about the victim. You will be presented with theoretical material and hands-on learning opportunities, to evaluate the case information and use what you have learned, to piece together clues to the victim’s identity."
Clare and myself have signed up. The start date hasn't been announced yet but there will be more here later.


Identifying the Dead is just one course from FutureLearn. There are so many! I was naturally interested as to how they make their money, what's the business model?

The CEO, Simon Nelson, suggests it's through charging for certificates and exams .. but it seems early days yet.