Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Comments on for story feedback

Bombarded with comment spam, I long ago turned off comments for this blog. However, inspired by Andy Weir (below) I have now turned comments back on again - specifically to solicit feedback on stories I post here. Please feel free etc - they will be moderated and there's some kind of anti-spam word verification. Sorry about that.
"Andy Weir's road to publishing The Martian is a road many new writers would love to take. After writing as a hobby for many years and penning multiple short stories, which he published for free on his website, Weir set about writing a novel, The Martian. Originally releasing the book a chapter at a time on his website, again for free, he used reader feedback to fine-tune the work as he went along—and he only released it as an e-book because those same loyal readers wanted to download it to their e-readers.

The Martian went on to sell 35,000 copies in three months, so unsurprisingly it wasn't long before he'd signed with an agent and inked a print deal."
Excerpted from this review at Strange Horizons which seems to go out of its way to gratuitously find fault. I don't feel my destiny is to retrace Mr Weir's route to fame and fortune, but the approach seems to hold promise. So thanks in advance.

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