Friday, April 24, 2015

Badger hunting with a trail camera

We "know" we have a visiting badger: strange holes dug in the garden; a large polythene bag of bird seed on our porch torn open a few days ago; even pictures from a few years back.

The badger emerges from behind our shed

The badger steps daintily along the patio

I have today invested in a cheap trail camera. Choosing was, btw, a nightmare. Simpler cameras record to SD cards (which you have to keep removing to see if you've got anything); more expensive ones use SIM cards and upload, but configuration seems to be a nightmare. The best ones are way, way too expensive. In the end I decided to go for the cheapest one which had enough favourable reviews - the Little Acorn 5210A 940nm Wildlife Trail Camera with 8GB SD-Card.

Just hope all those three star reviews mentioning the flimsy hinges on the battery compartment don't make me look an idiot. Don't want you to think sibling rivalry has anything to do with it, but .. here's what my sister sent to me recently.

A living, breathing badger tempted by dry cat food will top that, don't you think?

Update: her bird now has eggs.

The Blue Tit has done it

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