Thursday, January 22, 2015

Diary: jury service + car paint touch-up + Christmas lights

Clare was meant to be doing jury service this week and next, at Taunton; this is what we had her doing instead.
We're Auris 2007 3J6 (Super Red III)
Driving up the narrow, steep and twisty Old Bristol Road, you get to meet stuff coming the other way and it's kinda inevitable that you gouge a little against those stone walls. That's become the narrative, anyway, despite my complete amnesia on the said event.

Clare turned up in Taunton on Monday after an early start. One of 24, but the trials from the previous week were still ongoing, so all were dispatched back home until Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday they did indeed need a jury, but selecting 12 from 23 (don't ask), Clare suffered the fate of the bottom-of-the-pack card and a poor randomisation procedure. So rejected, she was sent back home again.

There is a final, extremely low-probability opportunity - she has to call again Monday afternoon. By then, however, there will have been a new set of 24 arrivals. There are apparently rare scenarios involving extended jury deliberations when even more jurors are required to keep justice trundling along - we shall see.

All of the above is allegedly, of course.

In other banal chores, we finally took down our outside twinkling Christmas tree lights, which had indicated to a fascinated passing trade that we had hitherto taken leave of our senses.