Saturday, January 05, 2013

A Sports Emporium

Is it SportsDirect? That sports emporium nestling close to PC World at the Cribbs Causeway Mall?

I love these places next only to bookshops. Outside there are young women, parked in cars, spaced on ennui. Inside, the racks of sportswear are as dense as a jungle: men in tracksuits insinuate themselves between the gaps.

There is the most enormous sale on at the moment. The pavement billboard reassures the regulars - we are not closing down, we just took over some other chain, we're disposing of excess stock.

I manage to acquire half-price soft-leather training gloves at less than six pounds, and a weathered soft-leather gym bag for no more than twice that. I had to drag myself away.

B&Q was nothing like as much fun.