Sunday, March 18, 2012

The psychopathic garden

Provided the garden keeps off the driveway, I'm prepared to live and let live. Clare is almost as laissez-faire: she wants a garden in her own image, wild and free.

Still, you can get too wild and too free, like impenetrable. So she's been trying to hack her way into the depths while I've been dragged away from more intellectual pursuits (mostly involving reading stuff on my phone) to wield a saw on tough branches.

Last night, when pulling some foliage out of a tree she was hit by a rebounding branch. The lump was impressive - only the speedy application of ice saved me from wife-beating accusations at Mass this morning.

In a second round of garden surgery I myself received an uppercut this afternoon. I survived.

We now have a small mountain of greenery which somehow has to be got to the dump. And we can see the street for the first time.

My heart goes out to all those people out there who can't get their new iPad to power up. You know who you are :-).