Saturday, March 10, 2012

Patrick Moore goes on for ever!

In recent years Sir Patrick Moore (pictured below) has grown increasingly more immobile and, dare I say it, hard to understand. His sidekick, the youthful Chris Lintott, (pictured at bottom) has looked increasingly hungry to take over the show's top spot and give 'The Sky At Night' a much-needed revamp.

Sadly, news has reached me that Dr Lintott's long wait in the wings looks set to continue. After Dr Moore's eventual physical demise, the BBC plans to ask skilled animatronic engineers to create a replica version of Sir Patrick indistinguishable from the real thing. Advanced speech synthesis (which can already authentically mimic a person's conversation) will complete the effect.

Sorry about that, Chris - you'll still be needed to take those tedious plane flights to the conferences, but Sir Patrick is destined to anchor that show for ever!