Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Movie 'One Day'

We were originally going to see 'Apollo 18' and then I was going to write a piece about it for sciencefiction.com. Both Clare and my mother acquiesced to this plan with varying degrees of conviction.

But the reviews were transcendentally awful; 'mediocre' being a common adjective. So we took the quality route instead and this afternoon ventured to see 'One Day' at the Cribbs Causeway Vue.

None of us had read the book so we were able to view the film entirely upon its own merits, and a very moving film it is too. There is a problem compressing twenty-plus years, a year at a time, into a 108-minute show and certain trajectories were under-illuminated.

Emma went to London with a head full of dreams and was reduced to working as a waitress in, not a cocktail bar but a dive of a Mexican restaurant: it would have been good to have followed her fall. Any final redemption of leading-man Dexter was similarly trying hard to find space to explain itself.

Still there are enough twists, turns and surprises for this everyman's and everywoman's modern coming-of-age experience to ring horribly true. Go see it.