Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday = Chores

Despite the two posts already uploaded today - a review of 'The Black Madonna' and an article about those FTL neutrinos in Italy - I have not in fact spent the day writing. Those pieces were in fact written over the last three days. This morning I was actually hard at work sweeping out the kitchen, hall and downstairs toilet. Sounds relatively painless until you count the amount of furniture which has to be lifted onto tables or relocated outside - I felt like a removals man.

Next it's vacuuming. We have an ancient hoover thing - acquired from Alex - which weighs a ton and which tends to lock up on thick pile. I persuade myself it's valuable exercise as I attempt to push this through the bedrooms and the downstairs living room. All I know is that when they did this in the fields of old, they called it ploughing and used oxen.

With my brains scrambled by unaccustomed exercise, we walked into town to buy some bread rolls. Clare had repeatedly asked me, "Do you have money?" and a couple of my spare neurons indicated assent. In fact I had omitted to bring my wallet so we had to put the rolls back on the Co-op shelf and come home empty-handed. So it was soup and stale bread for lunch.

I have just done a pile of washing up and finally I can tell all to you here. This isn't work is it?

[To be fair, it's actually displacement activity from getting on with my General Relativity book].

Update: just had a chat with Rupert Taylor from Pro4 and as a consequence I have some more work to do on a security white paper. GR is going to have to wait.