Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stourhead Revisited

Clare's operation has been postponed for a week she was informed yesterday evening (due to an "emergency" admission). We are not best pleased at having to wait until the week after next.

Despite the indifferent weather we drove the twenty-odd miles to the wonderful gardens at Stourhead today and Adrian got to use the camera. The Temple of Apollo provides the vantage point for the picture above of the lake and gardens.

We then drove around the back of the estate to King Alfred's Tower, which as you see is frighteningly high (Clare and myself pictured). Adrenaline levels do not subside when you step inside and contemplate the spiral stone staircase which claustrophobically winds to the very top. Clare elected to sit this one out while I impressed myself by getting to the top without stopping.

Adrian took this picture from the top showing Clare as a tiny dot below.